TIME®TI315E - Portable Infrared Thermometer


  • Fast and reliable non-contact temperature measurement
  • Large temperature range
  • Two sighting modes: Coaxial laser and Telescope
  • Adjustable Emissity, backlight
  • Tolerance alarm
  • Display of Max., Min., Avg. and real time values
  • Display hold, wide application

Technical Specification:

  Model   TI213EL         TI315   TI315E
Measuring range -20℃~1200℃ 400℃~1800℃ 500℃~3000℃
Accuracy +/-1% or +/-1℃ whichever is greater
Repeativity +/-0.5% or +/-0.5℃ get the greater
Display resolution 0.1℃ or 0.1℉
Optical resolution 80:1 120:1
Spectral response 8-14μm 2.1-2.4μm
Emissivity 0.15-1.00 adjustable
0.10-1.00 adjustable
Response time 200ms
Sighting mode Coaxial laser Telescope

Temperature display

℃/℉ selectable
LCD backlight Yes
Alarm High/Low
Display hold Yes
Low battery alarm Yes
Work temperature -18.5℃~+50℃(-1.3℉~122℉) 10℃~+50℃(50℉~122℉)
Humidity 10%-90%RH noncondensing up to 30℃(86℉) 
Storage temperature -20℃~+60℃(-4℉~148℉)(without battery)
Power 6F 229V battery (two pieces)
Weight(g) 500 600

Dimensions(mm) 185x170x50 185x200x50