DESTACO's Pneumatic Power Clamps range from heavy duty sealed clamps for welding environments, to compact light duty clamps for a variety of clamping applications. These toggle-action pneumatic clamps offer exceptional clamping forces and holding capacities, far greater than clamps of a similar size.  Models available include: Manual Power ClampsPneumatic Power ClampsHook Pin ClampsPivot Units, and Pin Packages.

The power clamping devices are utilized for positioning and holding product securely, while the pivot units are intended to be utilized to tip, dump and/or rotate parts and tooling to the work position. Our power clamps have been designed with superior reliability, durability, longevity, and precision, and are specifically intended for harsh welding environments that demand superior clamping power.  

Features include:

  • Multiple mounting surfaces provide greater flexibility
  • Clamp arms can be machined, drilled, cut off or welded to suit the application
  • Multiple sensing options available