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ÖSTLING MARKING SYSTEMS supplies Industrial Marking Technology, Part Marking Equipment and Marking Machines for permanent direct part marking, product marking and tamper-proof product identification 

Apply your company logo, electronically readable 2D codes (DataMatrix), serial numbers and all other conceivable product data directly onto your products and components with our leading industrial marking technologies.

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For more then 30 years ZOPF offers bending machines for different areas. The company's main focus has changed from trading to construction and production. Our most important pillars are customer orientation, quality and versatility. The Ring Bending Machine program extends from proven conventional models to designs with digital displays, hydraulic advance, and NC and CNC controls. Praxis-oriented new and continued developments rationalize the work process and offer the best possible solutions. Small, middle-class and large companies from all kinds of economy fields, e.g. shop window construction, mechanical and apparatus engineering, theaters, automobile manufacturers, greenhous construction, ect. are our customers. Internationally, ZOPF Ring Bending Machines are represented in Europe and the Far East. Wa are supported by qualified agencies in several countries.



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Gamma Digital 

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Gamma Digital is a digital marketing agency based in Singapore.

We specialise in Online Advertising including Search Engine Marketing (SEM),

Google Display Network (GDN) and Social Media Platforms. 

With experience in working on digital campaigns across Fortune 500 companies and SMEs,

discover how we can help your brand inrease awareness and bring in more leads.