LEICA LINO™ Line & Dot Lasers Level

Leica LINO™ Line & Dot Lasers Level

With the Leica Lino™ Laser Level, everything is plumb and perfectly aligned. The project lines or points to millimetre accuracy, leaving your hands free to get on with the job. Making your work a lot easier! 

The new Leica Lino™ series increases laser visibility, introduces an innovative Li-ion power concept and presents adapters designed for quick laser positioning 

(Heerbrugg/Switzerland, 15 February 2018) – Leica Geosystems, industry leader in reality capture technology, announced today the new Leica Lino™ series, five cross-line and point lasers designed to deliver outstanding laser visibility. Its sophisticated adapters, based on strong magnets, allowing for quick and easy laser positioning and the triple power concept, centred around rechargeable Li-ion batteries, allows for uninterrupted on-site working. 

"In addition to precision, the most important features of an outstanding point or line lasers are highly visible laser lines and practical adapters to allow the laser to be quickly and precisely positioned anywhere on the construction site," says Elvir Malkoc, Product Manager Lino. “The new Lino™ product range of five point and cross-line lasers fulfils these requirements excellently.” 

Outstanding visibility of laser lines and points

All Leica Lino™ products combine decades of knowledge and experience in the fields of optics and electronics. The new green laser diodes are up to 4 times more visible to the human eye, meaning users can now work more efficiently, even in very bright lighting conditions. Vertical and horizontal alignment of the laser lines and points is quick and easy with these new self-levelling lasers.

Triple power concept based on Li-Ion technology

The Leica Lino™ cross-line and point lasers can be operated with rechargeable Li-ion batteries, alkaline batteries or they can be connected directly to the power supply. This allows for continuous on-site working.

Magnetic adapter concept for quick positioning

Leica Lino™ lasers easily connect to the precision-made adapters through use of strong magnets, thus ensuring precise set-up and positioning is done quickly. The rotating TWIST adapters can be attached to edges and profiles or fixed to tubes and rails and the setting wheel on the magnetic Leica UAL 130 wall bracket allows for precise height adjustments. This means that the new Leica Lino series is flexible and easily adapts to different construction site tasks.

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