ELMA Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

ELMA GmbH offers the full range of Ultrasonic Cleaners and environment-friendly cleaning chemicals for each cleaning task. Available in Table-Top, Floor Standing & Modular Systems.  

Elma-Ultrasonic-Technology: Up to any task

Ultrasonic cleaning is today the most up-to-date cleaning process. Its special advantages include the most thorough cleaning of the components to be cleaned, in the shortest time, without additional manual work and without damaging the items to be cleaned. The ultrasonic treatment will remove even the most stubborn dirt from inside drillings and cavities in seconds. 

By "sound" is understood mechanical vibrations. The human ear can detect such vibrations from 16 to 20,000 Herts (vibrations per second). Ultrasonic vibrations start above the range of high intensity can be transmitted through liquids.

Vibration and flow accelerate the effect of your cleaning liquid

The ultrasonic waves produce an intensive vibration. The solvent action is enormously accelerated. The resulting flow and eddying in the liquid remove the dissolved material straight from the surface and introduce fresh liquid.  

Casing and tank of stainless steel - hygienic + easy to maintain + consistent  

You can rely on quality made in Germany!