SOYER Capacitor Discharge (CD) Studs

What is the Capacitor Discharge (CD) Stud Welding?


  • Wide range of use from M3 to M12 (Ø2mm up to Ø10.8mm) |Larger stud range up to M24 (Ø25mm) is available in Drawn Arc & SRM Stud Welding 

  • Complete fusion, hence high strength

  • Weldable even on thin sheet metal

  • No or only very little reverse marking

  • No changes in material such as deformation or distortion

  • No drill holes required, hence no leaking

  • Corrosion problems can be minimized

  • Access to parts only required from one side

  • Various material combinations possible

  • No time and cost consuming preparatory and finishing works necessary

  • Fast and easy operation ensure high productivity

  • Can be easily automated with standard weld studs