USB 3.0 Digital Microscope MSP-3080

A revolution in USB 3.0 Super Speed Digital Imaging. Work with Computer for imaging processing, LED illumination, 5-200X magnifications, fast frame rate up to 90 FPS, with high resolution 8.0 mega pixels sensor offering up to 1.4 micron optical resolution, imaging software work with WIN 7 & 8.

Superior Optical Performance: 
With optimal NA optics and high resolution 8.0 mega pixels sensor, microvue can provide outstanding color reproduction and precise detail for variety of imaging applications.

Fast Frame Rate Up To 90 FPS:
Fast frame rate allows easy focusing to capture the fast moving objects with real-time video. USB 3.0 5 Gbits/s bus bandwidth guarantees fast frame rate delivery with no latency.

Wide Range Of Magnifications:
Capture images from 5x to 200x magnification using the adjustable stand. The user can clip a region of interest (ROI) within the image windows and view the ROI live image display separately. 

LED Illumination: 
Compact LED illumination is integrated into the system. The illumination technology achieves consistent brightness and relief contrast at all levels of magnification. 

Imaging Software offers A Total Solution:
Microscope is a full iamge capture and analysis software package. Live image preview, capture, recording, measurement, annotations and post image enhancement are all included. Camera and software are combined to create a complete solution of microscopy images for your applications. 

Full Screen Live Image Display: 
One click on a button displays the full image area in the screen, High image quality is maintained at the larger display size necessary for meetings and conferences. The center field of view can be enlarged up to 4x using the zoom mode. 

Scene Mode For Optimal Image: 
Ensure optimal settings for image preview and capture through different types of scene mode like biological scene mode, metal mode, PCBA mode, IC chip mode, etc...


Type  Digital camera for microscopy with control software                                                                                         
Sensor   Color CMOS 8 megapixel image sensor
Image resolution            VGA, 720p, 1080p, 2160p
Maximum frame rate  VGA@90fps, 720p@45fps, 1080p@30fps, 2160p@8fps
Optics   Magnification: 5x to 200x (magnification on 22" monitor)
Working distance  20~300mm
FOV          Minimum diagonal field of view 4.7mm (3.8mmx2.8mm)
Shutter    Electronic shutter
Exposure   Automatic
White balance  Automatic
Illumination   White LED
PC connection  USB3.0
System requirement   Core i3 1.2GHz or better, system memory > 1GB RAM / HDD free space > 1GB, USB3.0 port
Operating systems  Windows 7, Windows 8
Power requirement  Powered via USB3.0 port
Power consumption   <2.5W 
Operating environment  Temperature: 10~35°C / Humidity: 30%~90% (no condensation)
Dimensions   140mm (L) x 32mm (D) 
Weight   150 g

Optional Vertical Stand: