TIME®TUD500 - Ultrasonic Flaw Detector


  • Large, 640 X 480 VGA color TET display with 60Hz update

  • Precise and stable horizontal and vertical linearity with horizontal linearity 0.1% and vertical linearity 2% 

  • High-performance square wave pulse with tuning option

  • DAC, AVG, DGS curves and defect echo help to evaluate defect equivalent calculation

  • Two high resolution scanning mode: A and B

  • Four ways to present waveform: positive half-wave, negative half-wave, full wave and radio frequency

  • Automatic gain adjustment, defect equivalent calculation and peak memory function

  • Display of echo envelope

  • Two individual gates setting and alarming function

  • Gate measurement includes echo amplitude, beam path, depth, projection and so on

  • Waveform freeze available: in full, peak, comparative and envelope ways

  • 50 detecting channels are available with separate detecting parameters and DAC (Distance Amplitude Correction) curves in every channel

  • Three detecting modes (Single-probe, dual crystal prove and transmission) with automatic calibration function

  • Connected to PC via USB interface with advanced software for data analysis and management

  • Super large memory, 1000 waveform diagrams can be stored

  • EPSON ink-jet printers can be connected with TUD500

  • Real-time waveform display and review


Technical Specifications:

TIM TUD500SPECS 1 0c3f6

TIM TUD500SPECS 2 b538c