Coaxial Illumination Video Microscope VM-300
SKU : VM-300


  • Integral design, exquisite, fashion, generous;
  • With high definition 0.7~4.5X horizontal zoom lens, it is more convenient and fast to switch objective magnification, and it can enlarge with high magnification with optional APO 5X/10X lens;
  • With precision coarse and fine lifting system, ensure perfect focus and clear image;
  • With adjustable LED bottom and surface illumination, when equipped with APO lens, it can used contour illumination and control brightness independently;
  • Built-in FULL HD sensor and VGA integrated camera, can directly connect with the monitor to realize video image and can also use SD card to take picture or record video, which integrate video observation and image storage;
  • Simple external interface: 12V power supply input and USB/VGA video output, SD card hole to make installation simpler. 

Technical Specifications:


Specs VM300 1 bcb1aSpecs VM300 2 380f4