Auto Focus Video Measuring Microscope
SKU : Auto_Focus_Video_Measuring_Microscope


  • Integral design, exquisite, fashion, generous;
  • Built-in high-definition HDMI integrated camera, directly connected to HDMI display, can take pictures or videos;
  • With high definition 0.7~4.5X parallel continue zoom lens, it is much more convenience and fast to switch objective magnification;
  • With adjustable LED surface reflection illumination, is able to control brightness independently;
  • With 2 mega pixel auto focus camera, no need to waste time for manual focus frequently;
  • Multiple optional mobile control platform, ensure precision position measurement;
  • With its own measurement function, it can measure linear dimensions such as distance, perimeter, area, angle, radian, width, height, and radius elements.


Technical Specifications:

Specs Microscopes 8eb5c

Microscope 1 a3888