Vertical Video Projector VP Series
SKU : VP-Series


  • The lifting system adopts linear guide rail and precision screw drive, which makes the lift drive more comfortable and stable;
  • With precision toothless rod and fast movement locking device, ensure return error is within 2um;
  • High accuracy A optical scale and precision working stage, ensure machine accuracy is within 3+L/200 um;
  • HD zoom lens and HD color digital camera, ensure clear image without distortion;
  • With programmable surface 4-ring 8-division LED cold light and contour LED parallel illumination, it can control the brightness of the 4-ring 8-division independently;
  • With powerful iMeasuring2.1 software system , to enhance the control quality;
  • Optional imported contact probes and 3D measuring software, it can help upgrade the machine to be coordinate measuring machine;
  • Optional FexQMS measurement data analysis and real-time monitor software, enhance process control, reduce material consumption;

Technical Specifications:

VP Series 70aa8