Reciprocating File - Recipron
SKU : Reciprocating_File_-_Recipron

The handpiece generates a reciprocating stroke, ideal for filing, lapping, stoning, polishing and scraping operations

Comfortable hand fitting pistol grip with built-in ON/OFF SWITCH provides greater processing accuracy, smooth operation, vibration free. Eliminates operation fatigue.


Model: RE112

  • Stroke-oriented type
  • Appropriate tools with shaft size Ø2.0-6.35mm
  • Stroke Range: 0-8 mm
  • Stroke speed: 260-3,500 times/min


Model: RE212

  • Speed-oriented type
  • Appropriate tools with shank size Ø2.0-6.35mm
  • Stroke Range: 0-2mm
  • Stroke speed : 460-7,000 times/min

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