POLYTOR Ultrasonic Handpiece & Power Pack
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POLYTOR is an ultrasonic finishing system, indispensable for mould finishing use, providing powerful and stable ultrasonic vibration.

The system is composed of the POLYTOR Power Pack plus POLYTOR Ultrasonic Handpiece. 

The Feature of POLYTOR Ultrasonic Handpiece

  • Suitable for wide range processing such as removing hardening layer and mirror polishing after EDM.
  • Ideal for deburring, grinding, cutting, polishing and honing.
  • Convenient for pattern cutting of printed circuit boards.
  • Finishing precious metals and jewels.
  • Removable curled power cord makes storage convenient.
  • A variety of SENTAN TOOL® for POLYTOR is available.
The Hand Switch provides quick and easy ON/OFF manipulation.

The Hand Switch enables the handpiece to be switched ON/OFF on the handpiece side also; this offers great convenience when work requires frequent switching ON/OFF or when working out of reach of the POWER PACK. The adoption of the new mechanism improves the switch durability as well.

Two spanners clamp the tool securely.

The 2 supplied spanners enable the SENTAN TOOL® to be attached securely; stable vibration delivered by the high-performance vibrator is correctly transferred to the tip of the SENTAN TOOL®.


Handpiece for the Ultrasonic Finishing Unit

Model: US21 

Employs an advanced high-performance oscillating unit ensuring powerful and stable vibration delivery to the SENTAN TOOL®

Compact and lightweight design that makes the handpiece easy-to-use. 

 Vibrator  Langevin type       
 Frequency  25±5kHz
 Maximum Amplitude  45 microns
 Weight(not including cord)   215g
 Hand Switch Color  Gold


POLYTOR Power Pack

Model: P30

Compatible with various situations by 2 driving controls. 

 Power Supply  AC100 ~AC240V(50/60Hz )
 Power Consumption       40W max.
 Weight  Approx. 1.3kg


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