Together with simple and practical operation, the newly developed PH-3N SOYER stud welding gun with magnet coil offers a maximum of technical performance advantages for producing high-quality stud welded joints in the radial-symmetric magnetic field. Further advantages are the welding gun’s ergonomic and slim shape as well as its low weight and exemplary design. In continuous application, the PH-3N stud welding gun allows fatigue-proof welding of studs and pins with a maximum diameter of up to 12 mm using shielding gas as auxiliary aid.

The new PH-3N SOYER stud welding gun with magnet coil is a top-line product with precision mechanics and long-term quality. Due to the compact and extremely slim design, the welding gun is suitable for application in complicated, narrow locations and areas of difficult access. The PH-3N stud welding gun is the ideal supplement to the larger and heavier PH-2L, PH-4L and PH-5L SOYER stud welding guns.

Additional performance features of the PH-3N stud welding gun with magnet coil include:

■ Development and production are in compliance with all prescribed safety targets such as
- the latest safety and accident prevention regulations
(Act on the Safety of Technical Working Equipment)
- electromagnetic compatibility (EMC Act)
- European regulations (EU Directives on Machinery)

■ Multifunctional application for stud and nut welding 

■ Impact- and break-proof whole-body synthetic housing

■ Optimum protection against welding spatters, dirt and other contamination

■ Welding and control cable guide in the handle
■ Support legs can be easily adjusted for differing stud lengths

■ Easy replacement of the support with magnet coil by a standard support suitable for conventional inert-gas-shielded arc welding or ceramic ferrule stud welding

■ Simple, manual lift adjustment by means of a special notched turning knob and readability of set values

■ Very precise stud positioning owing to motional sequences which are free from backlash

■ Long service life and long-term quality owing to wear-free guide bush with ball bearing and special hardened and ground guide piston

Technical Specification:

  Welding range:   Studs and RD/FD pins from M8 - M12 or 8 - 12 mm in diameter
Material: Steel, stainless steel and heat-resistant steel
Welding Process: Short-cycle drawn arc stud welding in the radial-symmetric magnetic field
Welding Sequence: up to max. 30 studs/min, depending on dimensions
Welding and control cables: 5 m highly flexible
Total length with magnet coil: approx. 280 mm
Total height above grip: 110 mm
Total width: 65 mm
Weight: 1.3 kg without cable