The newly developed, extremely robust and durable PH-2L stud welding gun has been especially designed to meet the hardest operating conditions and requirements. This stud welding gun allows you to weld studs and pins up to a maximum of 16 mm in diameter according to the drawn arc and short-cycle drawn arc principle. The automatic length compensation system suitable for differing stud lengths and positioning conditions as well as the oil damping system for controlled plunging of studs with a minimum diameter of 12 mm guarantee high-quality stud welded joints. The oil damping system can be switched on and off.

The new PH-2L SOYER stud welding gun is a top-line product with precision mechanics and long-term quality. The invariably high-quality performance of this stud welding gun is an important step towards the quality assurance in stud welding processes. All important setting parameters can be simply and quickly adjusted by hand without requiring any tools.

Additional performance features of the PH-2L stud welding gun include:

■ Development and production fulfil all prescribed safety targets such as
- the latest safety and accident prevention regulations
(Act on the Safety of Technical Working Equipment)
-  electromagnetic compatibility (EMC Act)
-  European regulations (EU Directives on Machinery)

■ Impact- and break-proof stable whole-body synthetic housing

■ Optimum protection against weld spatters, dirt and other contamination

■ Automatic and maintenance-free length compensation system for differing stud lengths and positioning conditions

■ New, manually adjustable oil damping system to control the plunging speed
■ Optional application of shielding gas or ceramic ferrules as welding aids, depending on the respective requirements

■ Easy replacement of the standard baseplate with ceramic ferrule equipment by a baseplate with gas shroud

■ Easily adjustable support legs for differing stud lengths

■ Fine hand adjustment of lift in defined steps of 0.5 mm using the special notched turning cap at the end of the welding gun

■ Spirit level at the end of the gun to ensure vertical welding positions

■ Absolutely precise stud positioning due to backlash-free sequence of motions in ball bearings, and long service life through high-quality mechanical components

Technical Specification:

  Welding range:   Studs and pins from M6 - M16 or Ø 6 - 16 mm
Material: Steel, stainless steel and heat-resisting steel
Welding Process: Drawn arc and short-cycle drawn arc welding according to DIN EN ISO 14555
Welding and control cables: 5 m highly flexible
Total length with ceramic ferrule equipment: 300 mm minimum (maximum length depends on the length of studs and support legs)
Total height above grip: 160 mm
Total width: 80 mm
Weight: 1.6 kg without cable and ceramic ferrule equipment