The new SOYER BMH-22i inverter stud welder is a multifunctional High-Tech development perfectly suitable for stud welding, electrode welding and TIG welding. Its performance and quality features are unequalled in stud welding technology. The lightweight stud welder in compact design allows the safe and problem-free welding of studs up to M24 (7/8“). This stud welder has only one fifth the weight of comparable stud welders and features high technical performance due to an extremely steady arc. The adjustability of all important welding parameters and easy operation via membrane keyboard with display allow optimum technical comfort and first-rate welding results.

The new BMH-22i inverter stud welder with outstanding quality and performance features represents the future state of stud welding technology. The all-digital stud welder with computer intelligence guarantees absolutely uniform and reproducible functional sequences for optimum welding results. The modular construction of useful and easy-to-service compact housing, the modern design and progressive technology provide the SOYER stud welder with its unique appearance. The BMH-22i inverter stud welder is universally applicable and combines in a compact case the following stud welding methods 

■ Drawn arc stud welding
■ Stud welding with protective gas
■ Short-cycle drawn arc stud welding
■ Stud welding in radially symmetrical magnetic fields (option)

Welding systems:
■ Stud welding
■ Nut welding
■ Electrode welding
■ TIG welding

Additional performance features of the BMH-22i inverter stud welder include:

■ Interface for signal interchange with other external control systems (optional simple and low-cost retrofitting possibility with an automatic module for semi-automatic and fully automatic stud feed)

■ Interface for stud welding in radially symmetrical magnetic fields (option) 

■ LED display panel with the control function of all operational states

■ Self-protecting device in case of excess temperature or excessive welding sequence

■ Computer check on operability and simulated program run of all setting parameters on stud welder and gun without welding current

■ New abrasion proof, scratch-resistant and anti-soiling plastic film coating on the front panel to protect all inscriptions even after many years of use

■ Table at the front panel showing standard values for all common stud types and diameters

■ Integrated quality control (option)

■ Operating range with short-cycle drawn arc welding: M8 - M10 or 8 - 10 mm in diameter

■ Operating range with drawn arc welding: M8 - M24 RD or 8 - 22 mm in diameter

■ Operating range with inert gas operation: M8 - M12 or 8 - 11 mm in diameter

■ Operating range with stud welding in radially symmetrical magnetic fields: M8 - M16 or 8 - 13 mm in diameter (option)
■ Development and production fulfil all prescribed safety targets such as
- the latest safety and accident prevention regulations 
   (Act on the Safety of Technical Working Equipment)
- electromagnetic compatibility (EMC Act)
- European regulations (EU Directive on Machinery) 

■ Certificate proof of mentioned safety targets

■ Extremely simple operator guidance via sophisticated       membrane keyboard with clear symbols for all necessary parameter inputs

■ CE mark and safety mark for verified safety

■ Welding current variably adjustable

■ Shielding gas preflow time variably adjustable

■ Welding time and preweld current time variably adjustable

■ High-dynamic regulation of the welding process

■ High clock frequency of 30 kHz

■ Integrated inert gas operation mode

■ Low connected load and low weight

■ High welding current of 2000 A for stud welding

■ High welding current of 300 A for electrode welding and 200 A for TIG welding

■ Constant current controller (current fluctuation control)

Technical Specification:

  Welding range:   M8 - M24RD or 8 - 22 mm in diameter
Material: Steel, Stainless Steel, Heat-Resistant Steel
Standard gun: PH-5L stud welding gun or alternatively, the PH-4L for studs up to M20
Welding current:  300 - 2000 A, adjustable and regulated with stud welding
 80 - 300 A, adjustable with electrode welding
 80 - 200 A with TIG welding
Welding time:  10 - 1000 ms with stud welding
Welding sequence:  up to 30 studs/min, depending on stud diameter
Mains supply:  3 x 400 V - 50/60 Hz, 63 AT, other voltage on request
Dimensions:  560 x 420 x 650 mm (w x h x d)
Weight:  70 kg
Colour:  RAL 5009 azure-blue