The small PS-1K hand-held welding gun is of a light-weight and ergonomical design. Its precision mechanics allows motional sequences which are absolutely free from backlash and extreme stud positioning accuracy of +/- 0.1 mm! Thus increased quality and accuracy requirements on stud welded joints can be fully complied with.

The new PS-1K SOYER stud welding gun is the international yardstick for quality, technology, design and safety. Together with easy operation, the hand welding gun offers a maximum of technical performance advantages for the production of high-quality stud welded joints.

Additional performance features of the PS-1K stud welding gun include:

■ Development and production are in compliance with all prescribed safety targets such as

- the latest safety and accident prevention regulations
(Act on the Safety of Technical Working Equipment)
- electromagnetic compatibility (EMC Act)
- European regulations (EU Directives on Machinery)

■ New quick-change system for gun support tubes of different diameters requiring only a flick of the wrist

■ Extreme stud positioning accuracy of +/- 0.1 mm

■ Long service life owing to wear-free guide bush with ball bearing and special surface-hardened and ground, antimagnetic guide piston
■ Impact and break-proof whole-body synthetic housing

■ Optimum welding quality with all common stud materials even on workpieces with problematic surface coatings

■ Applicable even in narrow locations and areas of difficult access owing to its small compact style

■ Fatigue-proof working and enjoyment in welding due to low weight, optimum ergonomics and exemplary design

■ Problem-free connection to all capacitor discharge stud welders for increased welding quality


  Welding range:   Studs and pins from M3 - M10 or 2 - 8 mm in diameter and 6 - 35 mm in length (special lengths with fixture)
Material: Steel, stainless steel, aluminium and brass
Welding Process: Capacitor discharge process (TS) as per EN ISO 14555 with contact welding
Welding and control cables: 3 m highly flexible
Total length with support tube: 145 mm
Total height above grip: 140 mm
Total width: 50 m
Support tube: Ø 30 mm (option: Ø 20 mm)
Weight: 0.4 kg without cables