The well tried mechanical PS-1 stud welding gun allows the accurate welding of studs with ignition tip as per DIN EN ISO 13918 on scribed or centre marked surfaces by using spring pressure. No auxiliary aids are required. Injection moulded from shock-proof, fully insulated synthetic material, it is lightweight and fits comfortably in the hand

Together with simple operation, the new PS-1 SOYER stud welding gun offers a maximum of technical performance advantages for the production of high-quality stud welded joints.

Additional performance features of the PS-1 stud welding gun include:

■ Development and production fulfil all prescribed safety targets such as

- the latest safety and accident prevention regulations 
(Act on the Safety of Technical Working Equipment)
- electromagnetic compatibility (EMC Act)
- European regulations (EU Directives on Machinery)

■ Impact- and break-proof synthetic housing

■ Simple manual spring pressure adjustment. Display of set spring pressure on a spring pressure indicator 
■ Long service life and long-term quality due to wear-free guide bush 

■ Fatigue-proof working and enjoyment in welding due to low weight, optimum ergonomics and exemplary design

■ Problem-free connection to all capacitor discharge stud welders to increase the welding quality

Technical Specification:

  Welding range:   Studs and pins of steel and stainless steel from M3 - M10 or 2 - 8 mm in diameter and of aluminium and brass from M3 - M6 or 2 - 6 mm in diameter
Welding Process: Capacitor discharge process (TS) as per DIN EN ISO 14555 with gap welding
Welding and control cables: 3 m, highly flexible
Total length with legs: 211 mm
Total height above grip: 132 mm
Base ring or gun diameter: 40 mm
Gun legs: 3 x 120° displaced, Ø 6 mm made of stainless steel
Base pitch circle centre: Ø 34 m
Weight: 0.5 kg without cable