The new PTS-500 NC stud welding machine developed by HEINZ SOYER BOLZENSCHWEISSTECHNIK GmbH offers a simple teach-in operation and an unbeatable price/performance ratio. User training and previous knowledge of programming languages are not necessary. This high-quality stud welding machine incorporates many interesting technical features for handicraft enterprises and industrial plants with small and medium-scale batch production.

The PTS-500 NC enables precise and fully automatic welding of studs and pins from 3 - 10 mm in diameter and up to 40 mm in length in accordance with all known stud welding processes. The X-Y working area reaches 500 x 350 mm. The extremely cost-effective welding machine equipped is in accordance with the new EU Directive on Machinery 2006/42/EC and protected by utility model no. DE 20 2009 012 369.3.

■ Very easy Teach-In operating mode via a joystick
■ X-Y working area reaches 500 mm x 350 mm
■ The very short training period for new staff
■ No need to have special Windows experience
■ No prior knowledge of program languages required
■ Programming through external PC possible
■ Machine complies with the EU-guideline for machinery 2006/42/EC
■ Very favourable price/performance ratio
■ Protected by utility model no. DE 20 2009 012 369.3
■ Quality and precision "Made in Germany"

Technical Specification:

  Welding Range   Studs and pins of steel and stainless steel from M3-M10 or 2-8 mm in diameter and of aluminium and brass from M3-M8 or 2-8 mm in diameter
Clamping surface T-slot board        600 mm x 375 mm
Working area X-axis 500 m
Working area Y-axis 350 m
Loading capacity of table 50 kg
Operating accuracy +/- 0.15 mm
Repeating accuracy +/- 0.05 mm
Positioning speed max. 100 mm/s
Dimensions 1,500 mm x 1,950 mm x 1,050 mm  (w x h x d, without control system)
Weight 260 kgs