Leica DISTO™ D210+L2 LDM+Level Package

Leica DISTO™ D210+L2 Laser Distance Meter + Laser Level Package

The professional package for easy measuring and alignment.

This package was specifically designed for interior applications. It combines everything that you will need for accurate and reliable measuring and alignment. The laser distance meter Leica DISTO™ D210, the cross line laser level Lino™ L2 and the tripod TRI-70 are stored safely and ready-to-use in the robust, attractive and functional carrying case. Keeping your tools in the convenient carrying case.

Interior Professional Package: D210 + L2 + Tri70 Tripod + Carrying Case


The Leica Laser Distance Meter DISTO™ D210 is a 7 measurement mode Laser Distance Meter (LDM) that is accurate to 1 mm. It features a backlit LCD display and an intelligent end piece. At just under 114 mm tall and weighing in at 126 grams with batteries, the D210 is rugged yet compact enough to keep handy, making it an ideal LDM for finish carpenters or interior designers.


The Leica Laser Level LINO L2 is a cross line laser level with a dual fan angle of 120˚. 

Use the horizontal and vertical lines together to produce a perfect 90˚ cross line, or toggle between vertical only and horizontal only mode depending on the application.

The L2 self-levelling pendulum lets you know your line is out of level by blinking. Once level, the line goes solid. Lock the pendulum to set out angled lines and to protect the mechanism when you aren't using it.

 Specifications for DISTO D210 Laser Distance Meter

  ISO 16331-1 certified    ± 1 mm
 typical measuring range  Up to 80 m
 Unit Display Options

 0.000 m | 0.0000 m | 0.00 m | 0.00 ft | 0‘00‘‘ 1/32" | 0‘00‘‘ 1/16" | 0‘00‘‘ 1/8" | 0‘00‘‘ 1/4" | 0.00 in | 0 in 1/32" | 0 in 1/16"   | 0 in 1/8" | 0 in 1/4"

 Power Range Technology™  Yes
 Protection class  IP54 splash water / dust proof
 Measurements per set of   batteries   Up to 5,000
 Batteries  Type AAA 2 × 1.5 V
 Dimensions  114 x 50 x 27 mm
 Weight with batteries  126 g
 Memory  Last 10 Displays
 Illuminated display  Yes
 Multifunctional end-piece  Automatic recognition

Specifications for Lino L2 Laser Level

  Range   Up to 15m depending on lighting conditions                                
 Range with detector  > 30m
 Levelling accuracy @ 16 ft  ± 1.5mm
 Self-levelling range  4° ± 0.5°
 Accuracy of horizontal line @ 16 ft  ± 1.5mm
 Vertical accuracy @ 10 ft line length           ± 0.75mm
 Number of laser lines  2
 Beam direction  Vertical, horizontal
 Laser type  635 nm, laser class II
 Batteries  Type AA 3 × 1.5 V
 Protection class   IP54 splash water/ dust proof
 Operating temperature  -10°C to 40°C
 Storage temperature  -25°C to 70°C
 Dimensions (H × D × W)  96 x 91 x 54mm
 Weight without batteries  321 g
 Tripod thread  ¼”