TIME®TH715 - Digital Micro Vickers


TH715 Digital Micro Vickers hardness t ester adops unique precision design of optics, mechanic and electrics features, make the indentation image clearer, and get more precise measurements. With digital measuring eyepiece, no need for checking the table or inputting the digonal of the indentation, it can directly shows the test mode, test force, indentation length, dwell time, test numbers, conversion scale, date and time. As long as press the eyepiece button after measuring the indentation length, it can automatically get the hardness value and show on the large screen. Test results can be saved for checking or be printed out by the built-in printer, and with RS232 interface for connecting to the computer. It can use optional Knoop indenter to meausre Knoop hardness. Also it can be equipped with LCD video measuring device and CCD image automatic measuring system.


Technical Specifications:

TIM TH715SPECS 1 6ebb1TIM TH715SPECS 2 5abdb