TIME®TH600 - Brinell
TIME®TH600 - Brinell Hardness Tester
  • Digital Brinell hardness tester
  • Measuring the Brinell hardness of unquenched steels,
  • Cast iron, non-ferrous metals and soft bearing-alloys etc.
  • High testing precision, extensive testing range, automatic load systemHigh accuracy, wide measuring range.
  • Automatic force loading.
  • Standards conforming to: ASTM E-10, ISO6506.2
Technical Specification:

  Test force

  1839N (187.5kgf) | 2452N (250kgf) | 7355N (750kgf) |
  9807N (1,000kgf) | 29420N (3,000kgf)

 Indenter ball diameter

 2.5mm | 5mm | 10mm

 Test force dwell time

 6~99s adjustable

T esting range


 Vertical testing space

 Max.230mm (9”)

 Horizontal testing space

 Max.120mm (4.7”)

 Power supply

 220V/110V, 50~60Hz, 2A

 Net weight




Standard Delivery:                                      
  • Main unit                                          
  • Test block                                               
  • 20x microscope                              
  • Ø10mm hard alloy ball indenter           
  • Ø120mm round flat anvil                          
  • Vee anvil                                       
  • Power supply cable                                      
  • Dustproof cover 
  • Weight                       
  • Ground bolt

Optional Accessories

  • Ø2.5mm hard alloy ball
  • Ø5mm hard alloy ball
  • Ø10mm hard alloy ball
  • Ø60mm anvil
  • Ø70mm anvil
  • Ø150mm anvil
  • Ø2.5mm hard alloy ball indenter
  • Ø5mm hard alloy ball indenter     
  • Ø80mm round flat anvil