TIME®6202 - Digital Brinell
SKU : TIME-6202


  • Combination of the precise mechanical structure, high accurate pressure transducer, microcomputer control unit of electrical circuit system, innovative closed-loop technology to improve its stability and accuracy

  • Load-cell driven system provides precise control of the test force, providing unsurpassed system performance without weight blocks

  • Reliable repetition, sensitive and accurate readings and easy operation

  • Indentation directly measured by the microscope, the diameter, the hardness value, 17 different hardness testing comparison tables as weel as the HBW ranege display on the LCD screen

  • RS232 interface, printer optional

  • Perfect for the laboratories, workshops, tool rooms. inspection labs, etc

  • A wide range of test fores and ball sizes to suit every application


Technical Specification:

 TIM 6202SPECS 8413d