TIME®6106 - Automatic Double Rockwell
SKU : TIME-6106



TIME6106 Automatic double Rockwell hardness tester with a good aesthetic aspect, complete functions, easy operation, intuitive display and good reliability is a high-tech product combining the mechanic and electric features, which is suitable for the Rockwell and superficial Rockwell hardness test

  • Support for all the Rockwell and Superficial Rockwell scales;

  • Conversation scales of different kinds of hardness;

  • With arc correction function;

  • Touch screen display and operation, dynamically display the working state of the lifting screw and the indenter;

  • Press operation for the test table, fast rising or dropping;

  • One key to complete the rising of the specimen, loading dwell and unloading of the indenter, displaying of the hardness value, homing of the test table;

  • With data storage function, automatic calculation of the maxium, minimum, average of the hardness value, the test results can be printed for output, and with a RS232 interface users can connect it to the computer for output


Technical Specifications:

TIM 6106SPECS 454fc

TIM 6106SPECS 1 ed6cc