TIME®2600/TT270 - Coating Thickness Gauge
SKU : TIM-2600
  • Two principles of operation are adapted: Magnetic induction (ferrous) and eddy current (non-ferrous) to take non-destructive measurements
  • 6 types of probes are available for different applications
  • Features two working modes: DIRECT and BATCH & two measuring ways: CONTINUE and SINGLE
  • Statistics include the mean, maximum, minimum, test numbers and standard deviation
  • Memory of 640 data
  • Two calibration methods for better correction
  • Integrated with printer to print the statists values if needed
  • Low battery indication and error alarm
  • Backlight for the screen
  • Auto or manual shutdown
  • conform to the standards of DIN, ISO, ADTMBS
Technical Sepcification:
  Standards   DIN, ISO, ASTM, BS
Calibration Zero and Foil Calibration
Interface RS232
Statistic Number of Measurement, Mean, Standard Deviation, Maximum and Minimum
Data Memory 640 Readings
Limits Adjustable with Alarm
Power NiMH Rechargable Battery
Standard Delivery:                                                         Optional Accessory: 
  • Main Unit
  • Calibration Foil Set
  • Substrate
  • Charger
  • Probe
  • Instruction Manual
  • TIME Certificate
  • Other Probes
  • Communication Calbe