TIME®2136/TT360 - Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge


  • Measure through coated surfaces and eliminate the thickness of the paint using a dual element style transducer in echo-echo mode
  • Identify the standard transducer automatically, or preset the transducer frequency manually
  • Transducer TSTU17 and TSTU32 are optional to measure various materials
  • Connect to TIME TA230 printer or PC via RS232 interface
  • Upper and lower limits pre-setting and sound alalrm 
  • Differential mode shows the difference between the test thickness value and the user-setting thickness range
  • Memory of 500 test data
  • Resolution 0.001mm and 0.01mm selectable for your use

Technical Specification:

  Measuring Range (depends on probe

  Transducer 5P10/90°,1.2-200mm (Steel in T-E testing mode)

3~20mm (Steel in E-E mode)

Display Resolution 0.001mm or 0.01mm
Sound Speed 1000-9999m/s
Display Backlight
Measuring Accuracy ±1%H + 0.1mm (H means the thickness of tested plate)
Data Output RS232
Calibration Plate 4.0mm (Steel)
Unit Scales mm/inch

Optional Transducers: