TIME®2131 - Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
SKU : TIME__2131_-_Ultrasonic_Thickness_Gauge


  • Auto recognition of probe
  • Dynamic compensation of measurement error caused by probe change and coupling condition 
  • Real time display coupling condition
  • OLED screen with high contrast and brightness suitable to use in Sunlight
  • Scanning measuring mode, up to 20 times per second
  • I-E testing mode, E-E testing mode and auto mode for option
  • Memory of 3000 data: stored in 30 thickness files, 100 thickness values for each file
  • Upgrade online, upgrade the firmware of the unit by WIFI or APP
  • Dataview available for selection of data store ZW5P, TSTU32 etc

Technical Specification:

  Measuring Range

  5P10,5P10/90°: 1.2-225.0mm

  7P6: 0.75-60.0mm, ZW5P: 4.0-80.0mm, TSTU32: 3.0-300.0mm

Accuracy (Steel)

ZW5P, TSTU32: ±0.10mm (H<10.00mm)±(1%H+0.01)mm (H≥10.0mm) 5P105P10/90, 7P⌀6:±0.05mm (H<10.00mm)±(0.5%H+0.01)mm (H≥10.0mm)

Repeatability (Steel) ZW5P, TSTU32: 0.10mm, 5P10, 5P10/90, 7P6: 0.03mm
Stability (Steel) ZW5P, TSTU32: 0.10mm, 5P10, 5P10/90, 7P6: 0.05mm
Accuracy for wall thickness of curve surface (Steel) ±0.1mm
Sound velocity range (m/s) 508-18699
Accuracy for thickness when change sound velocity ≤±0.5mm
Resolution 0.1mm, 0.01mm, 0.001mm
Special display Min. Value, Max. Value, Average Value
Alarm Upper, lower limit
Two point calibration Yes
mm/inch Yes 
Indicator for battery power Yes 
Indicator for coupling condition Yes 
Memory  6 sound velocity value, 3000 thickness value
Communication USB or WIFI
Switch off Auto switch off in 2 minutes if no use
Working environment Temperature: 0-40°C, Humidity: 90%RH
Memory environment Temperature: -25-60°C, Humidity: 90%RH
Power 2pcs AA battery
Working electricity 60mA (3.0V)