TIME®3210 - Surface Roughness Tester
SKU : TIME__3210_-_Surface_Roughness_Tester


  • Pocket-size unit with economical price, widely used in production lines, workshops and labs
  • Wide measuring range suitable for most materials, and applicable for both inside and outside cylinder
  • Ragged design device with a long lifetime, while keeping the accurate and reliable data results
  • Measurement and conversion among Ra, Rt and Rz
  • All calculated measurement results shown on its LCD back-lit display hardly after tested
  • Measuring Direction: Any direction 360°
  • Indicator and alarm for low battery, out-of-limit values and dysfunction
  • Chargeable Li battery and improvement of the circuits function
  • Improvement and protection for sensor to secure the high accuracy and good stability
  • Data transfer function adn calibration function

Technical Specification:

  Measuring Range (μm)   Ra: 0.03
Rt: 0.2~25.3

Rz: 0.2~25.3

Error ≤±10%
Measuring Direction ≤6%
Display Resolution 0.01μm
Cutoof Length (L) 0.8mm (Filter: RC Filter)
Evaluation Length 1L, 3L, 5L (Selectable)
Driver Speed 3mm/s
Display LCD, 3 Digital
Interface RS232
Power 9V Alkaline Battery
Pickup Inductive
The Max. Testing Force of Pickup < 16mN