TIME®2501 - Coating Thickness Gauge
SKU : TIME___2501


  • Integrated with probe N: the eddy current principle to measure the thickness of insulating coatings on non-magnetic materials
  • Zero point calibration and two-point calibration to correct the system error of the probe
  • Features two working modes: DIRECT and BATCh & two measuring ways: CONTINUE and SINGLE
  • Statistics include the mean, maximum, minimum, test numbers and standard deviation
  • Memory of 500 data
  • Deletion of current data, calibrated data, limit data and all data stored
  • Integrated with printer to print the statists values if needed
  • Low battery indication and error alarm
  • Buzz during operation for indication
  • Backlight for the screen
  • Auto or manual shutdown

Technical Specifications:

 Working Principle   Eddy current
 Scope of Measurement (μm)   0-1,250
 Low Limit Differentiation (μm)  0.1
 Tolerance  Zero Point Calibration (μm)  ±(3%H+1)
 Two Points Calibration (μm)  ±[(3%H+1)+1]
 Measuring Condition  Min. Curvature Radius (mm)  Convexity 3, Concave 10
 Min. Testing Area Diameter  Ø5 mm
 Critical Thickness Of Substrate   0.3 mm
 Power AAA 1.5V Battery (2pcs)
 Working Temperature  0~40°
 Dimensions   145X60X28mm
 Weight  132g