TIME®2190 - Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
SKU : TIME-2190


  • A-scan waveform can be displayed for echo analysis and measurement of complex workpiece

  • Compatible with many types of transducers, both single and dual element transducers

  • Users can set blanks to shield aftershocks or clutter

  • Echo-echo measures the true metal thickness while ignoring the thickness of coating layer

  • Thru-Coat technology measures metal and nonmetallic coating thickness

  • Signal auto-amplification function

  • Adjustable voltage variable pulse width square wave pulse generator

  • Single value B-scan display function

  • Fast measurement mode up to 20 times per  

  • Set upper and lower limits and alarm

  • Data can be output to a removable MicroSD memory card. Can store up to 500,000 measured values and waveforms


Technical Specifications:

TIM 2190SPECS 1 d59c5TIM 2190SPECS 2 fd2aaTIM 2190SPECS 3 1 b5ae9TIM 2190SPECS 3 2 a9a7eTIM 2190SPECS 4 2b592TIM 2190SPECS 4 1 c2269