Color Screen Multifunction Digital Readout DP400
SKU : DP400


  • 5.6〃Color Screen and Sealed silicone touch button,with full information, friendly operation, long using life;
  • Save 100 permanent image elements, can set and save current date;
  • Multi-function Measurement: Point, line, circle,angle, distance, rectangular, screw thread, ellipse, slot, rounding, preset,construction, and so on;
  • Obverse or Opposite direction counting function,1/2 value, midpoint, permission function, Call function, REC(record)function,and Cycle measurement;
  • Section and linear compensation are available for 3-axis, highly ensure measurement accuracy:
  • Can connect foot switch,printer, optical edge detection and other multiple auxiliary measurement tools;
  • With polar and coordinate system, and can display millimeter and inch, and can shift easily;
  • With independent password permission function, to prevent the posibility of data deviation by wrong operation, it can also change the original setting by password permission;
  • Support multiple language:Chinese, English and other language;


Technical Specifications:

Specs Accs 4368b

Softwares f099f