TIME®TH320 - Protrudent Nose Standard & Superficial Rockwell


  • High accuracy, wide measurement range, automatic loading and unloading of the major load

  • Test results display digitally and can print automatically and connected to PC

  • High definition matrix LCD display with backlight

  • Optional indenters meet different test requirements: TH300 protruding indenter for ring and groove; TH310 for surface and TH320 for all kinds

  • Conversion of common hardness scales (HLD, HV, HB) & conversion of tensile strength, up to 15 kinds of Rockwell hardness scales

  • Collect statistics includes values, mean, value, maximum, minimum and standard deviation

  • Round correction: cylinder and sphere surface

  • Upper / lower limits pre-setting and sound alarm

  • Comply with GB/T230.2, BS EN10109-2, ASTME-18, ISO6508.2 and other applicable standards

  • Automatic test process

  • RS 232/USB data output


Technical Specification: 

TIM TH300SPECS 1 f1f37TIM TH300SPECS 2 21849TIM TH300SPECS 3 a8984